Motorola Kore is a music fitness device, not a tabletBad news, the successor to the Motorola Xoom tablet will not be the Kore. In fact, the Motorola Kore will not even be a smartphone — instead it will be a music fitness device. According to research from Fusible, a filing with the USPTO has revealed the Motorola Kore is an “electronic non medical portable physical activity monitor and fitness device for measuring movement.”

Remember the Motorola music player leaked last month (pictured above) which looked awfully similar to an iPod Nano? Droid-Life believes that was the Motorola Kore. The Kore will be joined by a second music fitness device, the Motorola Energia. Both devices have secured USPTO filings (trademarks) and domain names, leading many to believe both devices will launch very soon.

So what else will the Motorola Kore do besides monitor fitness activity levels? Much like the Nike + iPod trainer, Kore will work with software for monitoring exercise and training plans as part of your training goals. The software (presumably built for Android) will provide feedback and detailed analysis of your results.

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