Though Windows Phone Mango has yet to launch, we’ve already heard talk about Windows Phone Apollo, the next major version of the OS, and Windows Phone Tango, the update that will apparently come before it.

Now more details on that latter have slipped out, suggesting that it will power an army of low-cost, Pay As You Go devices as part of the Nokia/Microsoft love in. Read on for more on the Windows Phone Tango rumours and why it could mean Microsoft’s OS becomes a compelling choice for bargain blowers…

Windows Phone Tango was first name dropped back in June when reports claimed that Compai Communications which builds phones for Nokia and Acer had inked a deal to handle handsets with the update. Now Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet’s seasoned Microsoft watcher, says her sources say two Windows Phone Tango releases will arrive before Windows Phone Apollo.

The aim of Windows Phone Tango is to bring the Microsoft mobile OS to cheaper handsets. Foley’s sources say the release will be “all about Nokia” and will focus on delivering the more affordable Windows Phone devices that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been touting for some time.

Interestingly, another source says Windows Phone Tango and the Nokia SeaRay (the company’s first Windows Phone device) are often mentioned together. While SeaRay is expected to launch with Windows Phone Mango later this year, that could mean that it’ll be the first phone to get a Tango update.

Microsoft won’t comment on what will come after Windows Phone Mango but with Apollo rumoured to be set for a late 2012 release, it makes sense for Windows Phone Tango to deliver upgrades in the meantime. Would a cheaper Windows Phone device appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.

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