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Bad news Nokia lovers: the Nokia N9 will not be released in the UK. Nokia released a statement to PaidContent this morning which reads:

“Although we are delighted with the very positive reception that the Nokia N9 has received, here in the UK there are no plans to offer the Nokia N9 at present.”

The announcement comes after the firm pulled the Nokia N9 countdown clock yesterday. While the Nokia N9 was launched in London and previewed to the UK press, Nokia never officially confirmed that the device would get a UK release. It now looks like the next major launch we’ll get a look at will be the first Nokia Windows Phone.

What do you think of Nokia’s decision not to grace the UK with the Nokia N9? Click the headline and tell us in the comments.

Out NA | £NA | Nokia (via PaidContent)

  • Nick Thomas

    Why not though? I know people who have been waiting for this…

    • Anonymous

      Not confirmed, but most likely, they want/need to be exclusive to Microsoft, but were still contractually obliged to release one MeeGo phone with Intel. technically, they still will, but it’ll in a few tiny countries so there’s no chance of it gaining traction with users over Windows Phone.

  • Anroca

    I’m not buying their windows version of the N9, I wanted the meego version.
    been waiting ages for them to ditch symbian for meego before i got a nokia again and they let some american windows spy nail the final nail in there coffin

  • John

    This is just a disaster. I’ve had Nokias since I first used mobile phones a decade ago and that will now come to an end. Elop is a moron of the highest order.

  • Anonymous

    Elop is destroying Nokia trying to save Windows Phone 7. We want the Nokia N9 with Harmattan! Not that piece of sh*t seagay.

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