BlackBerry Bold 9900 finally has a decent web browser [video]A comparison video showing off the web browsing speeds of the iPhone 4, Samsung Nexus S and BlackBerry Bold 9900 has just been released by the folks at CrackBerry. Has RIM kept its promise of 40 percent faster web browsing on BlackBerry 7 versus BlackBerry 6? Let’s find out.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS fanboy, you’ll certainly agree that web browsing has long been the Achilles heel for BlackBerry smartphones. The days of ‘http error 400: bad requests’ or ‘http error 413: request entity too large’ errors are seemingly over. Thanks to RIM’s acquisition of Torch Mobile, the hard work has paid off with BlackBerry 7.

With browser history and cache cleared, bookmarks were created for Twitpic, Mobile Nations and Wikipedia. The iPhone 4 took the cake with victories in two of the three web page loading tests while the Nexus S took the first.  Spoils normally go to the victor, but in this case I think the Bold 9900 deserves the most credit — don’t you agree?

via CrackBerry

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    Let’s hope that companies now design their sites for the mobile market now

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