Panasonic, Sony and Samsung inch closer to active 3D standardThree major players in TVs are determined to create a new technology standard for 3D active glasses. In conjunction with active 3D glasses manufacturing company XPAND 3D, the manufacturers are hoping the new standard will fuel wider adoption of 3D sets in the home. One pair of glasses that works on Panasonic, Sony and Samsung TVs — where do we sign up?

Standardization of glasses among 3D TVs is currently non-existent. While Samsung uses Bluetooth to pair its glasses and TVs, Sony and Panasonic rely on infrared waves. The end result is a line of proprietary glasses for each vendor. The proposed active 3D standard would change the game.

Using multiple types of infrared protocols, including those proprietary to Samsung and Sony, the active 3D glasses will work seamlessly across all three manufacturers’ sets. In addition, active 3D offers an improved viewing experience, lower cost and lighter weight glasses. According to Ars Technica, the license for the standard is targeted for release in September, with the universal glasses becoming available in 2012.

via Ars Technica

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