Nokia N9 release date: t-minus 49 days and countingNokia Sweden has launched a timer which counts down to the impending release of the Nokia N9. In just 49 days, Sweden will become the first country to land the 3.9-inch FWVGA resolution all touchscreen MeeGo smartphone. Undoubtedly a sign that launches will follow shortly in the more than 23 additional countries.

Sweden has been at the helm of N9 marketing. As a major proponent of the MeeGo smartphone, Nokia Sweden will be giving away 30 N9’s. It seems only fitting that Sweden should be ground zero for the N9 launch. With more countries like South Africa, Italy and Brazil being added to the N9 launch list, maybe there is room in the world for the MeeGo platform.

Anyone planning on picking up the Nokia N9 at launch? If so, why choose MeeGo over Android, iOS, BlackBerry 7 OS and Windows Phone 7? Sound off.

via Engadget

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