iTunes Replay is coming soon: Your content, re-downloaded for freeRemember the days of purchasing content from iTunes only to later realize you accidentally deleted the files or forgot to back up? According to a report from, Apple is planning to launch its new iTunes Replay service in the coming weeks — a service which will put these fears to rest. Soon you’ll be able to re-download music, movies and TV shows without a call to customer care, any time day or night.

The first signs of iTunes Replay can be seen in iOS 5 which allows the re-downloading of previously purchased music with its iCloud icon. The Apple TV update this week expanded on that concept by allowing unlimited streaming of previously purchased TV shows. According to, Apple is currently working to secure the remaining rights to TV Shows and Movies which will allow the content to be re-downloaded.

Reportedly, iTunes Replay eligible content will denoted with an arrow and will include purchases dating as far back as January 1, 2009. It remains unclear how desktops and iOS devices will incorporate the re-download feature. According to the source, Apple is currently pushing the necessary changes to its iTunes servers.

Apple iTunes Replay: fact or fiction? Streaming previously purchased TV shows via Apple TV and the ability to re-download music in iOS 5 are strong indicators that it’s coming, but in life as in tech, there’s no guarantee.

via AppAdvice

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