Babies now have an official way to join Facebook before they’ve even left the womb. If you’ve had your newsfeed bombarded with messages about kids, it’s going to get worse. Facebook has added the option for expectant parents to include their unborn child in the Friends And Family section of their profiles.

The “Expected:Child” option lets soon-to-be parents add a photo, the name of their unborn child and a due date. The move seems to be an attempt to stop parents creating profiles for unborn children in a breach of Facebook’s terms of service. On a more cynical note, it could also give advertisers an even easier way of knowing what Facebook users to target with baby-related ads.

Click the headline and hop into the comments to let us know what you make of the move? Is it just a natural evolution for the social network or should parents wait until their bundle of joy has actually been born before signing them up?

Image by Spullara on Flickr

Out now | £free | Facebook (via Mashable)

  • lexusperplexus

    It’s going to make stillborns and terminations all the more tragic.  

    But even worse, it’s going to suck if your unborn child gains more friends than you do. 

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