Another day, another Amazon Android tablets story. This time, what appears to be a leaked supplier parts list has stoked up the rumour mill. DigiTimes claims Amazon has Wintek, J Touch and CPT lined up to provide touch panels for its two Android tablets with NVIDIA processors powering the show. The most eyepopping claim in the report is that the Seattle firm plans to ship 4 million tablets in 2011.

Previous reports claimed Amazon will launch a 7in tablet – codenamed Coyote – with a Tegra 2 processor and a 10in model nicknamed Hollywood rocking the new quadcore NVIDIA Kal-El chipset. While Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, has only hinted about tablet plans in the past the number of details floating around suggests we’ll see something soon. And if that figure of 4 million tablets headed for production is true, it means Amazon has iPad-scale ambitions.

Out TBC | £TBC | Amazon (via DigiTimes)

  • Patrick Johnson

    lets hope they use a Better panel than Dell did with the Dell streak 7.
    I want a 7″ Kal-El version, with 32gb and 8 hour battery life and N wifi

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