The Guitar Hero series was only officially axed (pun intended) in February this year but Activision has already had a change of heart. Despite disbanding the business unit dedicated to building the game and deciding to ditch plans for Guitar Hero 2011, it seems the publisher is already pondering a rebirth.

The news comes straight from the head honcho’s chops. In an interview with Forbes, Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick hints that work on a Guitar Hero reinvention is already underway and blames poor old DJ Hero for its demise in the first place…

In a surprisingly honest admission, Kotick says Activision squandered the original promise of the Guitar Hero series by churning out games that were just too similar:

“It was one of those things where we were resting on the idea that one of the essential fantasies of video games is to unleash your inner rockstar. And it didn’t matter how you did that but as long as you were allowing people to unleash their inner rock star fantasies, you’d continue to be successful.”

He believes the company was distracted by DJ Hero: “At the same time we were so excited about going down this new direction with DJ Hero, I think we abandoned a bit of the innovation that was required in the Guitar Hero franchise.” We’d agree with Bobby entirely there, though you could easily delete “a bit” from that quote.

Without revealing much about what the future might hold for Guitar Hero, Kotick confirms that there will be one:

“We need to regain our audience interest and we really need to deliver inspired innovation…we’re going to use new studios and reinvent Guitar Hero.”

What do you think? Is there life left in the Guitar Hero concept or is it as burnt out as an addled ’70s rockstar?

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