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Uh-oh, looks like somebody’s got a bad case of the Manboobs. Er, we mean Mondays.

Yes, the iPhone autocorrect can be both a curse and a blessing. For every ‘teh’ that gets quietly swapped to ‘the’ there is an equal chance that a perfectly legitimate word will be auto-corrected into something obscene, amusing or horrifying.

The people at have been collecting user-submitted examples of autocorrect-based shame for the past year and have published their top fifteen greatest hits. This list has everything – from accidental comparisons to Hitler (“You were the first girl he ever thought about the Fuhrer with” – he meant ‘future’) to straight kids ‘coming out’ to their parents (“Sorry Mom, I’m just coming out of the closet now.” – he meant ‘clinic’, his mum rather made it worse by saying her & his dad had half suspected).

Many of the others are a bit Not Safe For Work but our favourite is this bit of happy holiday news that goes wrong, threatening to tear a family asunder..

[source: Damn You Autocorrect]

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