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The Premiership’s ticking along nicely, but how can you watch it if you’re out and about, without getting yourself into trouble with the law? Read on, and we’ll show you how to stream live football on any screen, be it TV, tablet, PC, or phone – completely legally.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that to watch the Premiership in the UK, you’ll need to subscribe to Sky and/or ESPN through your provider, be it Sky, Virgin Media or BT. But did you know you can stream all of these games live, too? Just because you’ve got to pick up the kids of a Saturday afternoon needn’t mean you miss all of the goals. Allow us to explain.

On your mobile

iPhone/iPod touch – So long as you’re running iOs 4.2 or up, Sky Go‘s iOS app will allow you to live stream the Premiership straight to your iPhone, over Wi-Fi or 3G – so long as the matches are on one of the five Sky Sports channels. As for the smattering of games on ESPN, you’ll need, a Slingbox to go with your Sky box, and the SlingPlayer app (£20.99) on top of that. Sadly, Sky Go is only available if you get Sky Sports 1 and 2 through Sky, not Virgin Media or BT, but a Slingbox set up should work with any and all channels, over Wi-Fi or 3G, albeit in a more cumbersome fashion.

Android – Right now, you’ll again need a Slingbox and SlingPlayer Android app (£19.99, but will run on Android phones without Flash support) set up to stream Premier League matches. That will change soon however for Sky customers: Sky says a Sky Go Android app is coming by the end of the year.

BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone – You’ll need a Slingbox and relevant SlingPlayer mobile app to stream Sky and ESPN football matches to handsets running these smartphone platforms.

On your tablet

iPad – If you’ve got an iPad or iPad 2, you can stream live football to your tablet through the Sky Go app, which has been optimised for iPad – with the same proviso as above. For any Virgin Media and BT Sky Sports fans with Apple’s tablet, the SlingPlayer app is the way to go – however, this will only work with the Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro-HD devices, so shop savvily and check the specs.

Android tablets – Honeycomb Android tablet owners can look forward to the Sky Go Android app soon, though in the meantime, the only solution is the SlingPlayer Android app combined with a Slingbox. Android tablets that have Adobe Flash support, but no Google certification (And thus no Android Market access) may be out of luck however, unless you can find a dubiously sourced APK file for the SlingPlayer Mobile app.

BlackBerry PlayBook/HP TouchPad – If you own one of these you may be in for a very long wait for a Sky Go app. Though both offer Flash support, neither have a SlingPlayer Mobile app either.

On your laptop

Sky Go works on desktops too for Sky customers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all supported), and Slingbox too.

Want to watch just the goals on the go?

If you’re not fussed about streaming live football games in their entirety, and if you want to avoid the set up cost of a Sky box, or a Slingbox on top of that, ESPN has an app for Android and iPhone, ESPN Goals, which will let you watch goals a few minutes (or after 5.15pm on Saturdays) after they happen, for £1.50 per month.

Have we missed anything? Got any tips for Premier league live streaming on the go? Shout up in the comments!

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  • newsky

    You can do same thing w. monsoon vulkano

  • Phimics

    Soccer Pulse app on Android, lets you read news, scores and view goals soon after they’re scored. It covers Premier League/UEFA/FIFA/MLS/La Liga and Serie A….best bit, it’s all free! Works over 3G and Wi-fi on some phones and can use your default video player, or you can download their recommended video player, again for free.

    • Anonymous

      Ooo thanks for the tip!

  • djshirley

    ESPN Goals is free on WP7 – great app

  • Anonymous

    So, to summarise: Sky Go or Slingbox.

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