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With the iPhone 4 still selling like hotcakes at the top end of the smartphone line-up, Apple’s not exactly been rushing to invade the bargain bins and mid-range tiers, where margins are often lower. But that could be about to change: a new report claims an iPhone costing as little as £200 will go on sale this year.

According to BGR founder Jonathan Geller, who has quite the track record with inside scoops, as well as the odd epic misfire, Apple will this year be launching an iPhone that will cost no more than $350 (£270) on Pay As You Go. Given how aggressively networks subsidise phones on Pay As You Go in the UK, it coulc be that this low price iPhone will cost even less.

We’re salivating at the propect of a Retina Display for next to nothing, but as Geller goes on to suggest this is far more likely to be the iPhone 3GS, a now two-year old phone.

Of course, that could still prove a tremendous bargain: it has most of the software features of the iPhone 4 still, and currently still costs a whopping £428 unlocked on Apple’s UK online store, and new models aren;t going for much less on eBay UK either. But would you buy one? Even with Apple’s focus on top notch software, rather than hardware alone, would you still want to invest in a phone that’s seen the moon turn more than 24 times already?

Let us know in the comments. Would you prefer the ZTE Skate instead?

(Via BGR)

  • Born2BMild

    I’d buy one. I’ve got a year to go before my Orange contract allows an upgrade (I’ve got an N8 which is a great camera but poor on most other uses) and since getting an iPad I realise it would be good to have a mobile that can sync calender etc with it.

  • Anonymous

    Apple lock-in for life, thanks but I would rather saw my arm off with a rusty hacksaw that deal with Evil Apple and their dubious business practices.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this was a a short term attemp to grow the Apple iPhone market, get users to buy locked-in music and apps, and then ditch the cheap phones, offering only “premium” upgrade options…

  • Patrick Johnson

    I got a Xperia Play from cex for only £225 with 12 months warranty unlocked grade C. only thing wrong with it is no sony charger but still micro usb came with a BB one ( but real sony car charger too in box ) and its got the odd mark on back of case. Plus its got a screen protector on from new.

    Cex do the iphone 3gs on most networks from around £240 with 12 months warranty.

    if they can knock out 8gb ipod touch 4th gen with a built in phone ( pay as you go phone start @ 99p in uk ) then I cannot see why Apple cannot do it for under £260. and make money on it they could even double the price of the cheap apps to around £1.20 to help sub it.

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