Apple haters, you are quite right to chuckle at this one: the iPhone is finally getting custom text tones. Yes, a feature that was standard on the Nokia 3310, 11 years ago, will finally make it to Apple’s phone in iOS 5. In fact, iOS 5 Beta 3 introduces the ability to set custom sounds for almost every alert including new voicemails, email, sent mail, sent tweets, calendar alerts and reminders.

Of course, if you’re no stranger to an iPhone jailbreak, you’ve probably been setting custom alert sounds for ages. If not, this is a glorious day when we will finally be free from the yolk of Apple’s painfully limited selection. Hopefully this means events where a large number of iPhone owners are in attendance will no longer echo to the tedious sound of the default Tri-Tone text alert.

Out TBC | £free | Apple (via Techcrunch)

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