While there are plenty of iPhone 5 rumours to chew on, The Wall Street Journal – frequently pegged as a conduit for Apple controlled leaks – has moved on to the iPhone 6 already. Nestled near the end of a story on iPhone 5 speculation, it says Apple has a major revamp in store for the 2012 model.

The report claims: “People briefed on Apple’s plans said the company is planning a major iPhone revamp then, with one person saying the company has been experimenting with features such as a new way of charging the phone.” Here’s why that could make sense…

Apple has been filing patents related to iPhone inductive chaging since as far back as 2007 when we were just getting used to the original iPhone. But now with iOS 5 set to bring wireless back-ups, Apple could be ready to make the leap.

Inductive charging is a fairly mature technology now too. Though it’s been around since the early-1990s in a consumer-friendly form, it’s becoming more and more common. Just look at the HP TouchPad‘s TouchStone dock which continues Palm’s long history of wireless charging.

Of course, Apple could have an entirely different approach up its sleeve, especially since plenty of its patents are stashed away simply to secure ideas rather than with the intention of ever coming to fruition.

Hit the comments and let us know: are you itching for Apple to add wireless charging to the iPhone?

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  • Anonymous

    I am sure apple will claim to have invented inductive charging when it comes out and the media dribbles over how wonderful it is and how much of a game charnger it is!. I have my Palm inductive charge on my desk now charging my Pre.

  • http://www.ipad3today.co.uk/ iPad 3 Today

    I think Apple will end up charging a lot more for any kind of inductive charging kit, even though it’s already been invented!

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