It’s nearly time to chow down on some well-earned lunch, but before you do, check out what’s happened today in the world of tech. We’ve got it all right here, in our news round-up.

One of the stranger stories of the week has seen Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation selling ailing social networking site Myspace for $35m. Nothing that bizarre in that, you might think, except for the low price, but in an odd twist the pop star will take an ownership stake, playing a key role in the site’s future direction.

Bad news for fans of the Angry Birds, as they’ve been hacked. An official spokesperson from Rovio revealed to us the high scores on Game Center are false, with the real top scorer residing somewhere around 30-40th place. Bummer.

Olympus has outed three new micro four thirds cameras, and they’re all worthy additions to its PEN family. Look out for them in August.

Finally, Skype’s Android app has been given an update, allowing video calls to other Android users, iPhones, and computers. The bad news? It’s only for select handsets right now.

Phew, what a morning. Let’s see what the afternoon brings. Bon appetit!

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