Razor-thin Asus PC X101 netbook specs and release date confirmedRemember that MacBook Air inspired Asus netbook unveiled at Computex in May? According to DigiTimes, the Asus PC X101 will be available in July with the MeeGo and Windows 7 models priced at $199 (£124) and $310-$350 (£194-£219) respectively.

Under the hood of the Asus PC X101 is an Intel low-power Atom N435 1.33 GHZ single-core processor. While not the fastest chip on the block, the addition of a small SSD should make up for its shortcomings.

The Asus PC X101 will face stiff competition this year from Acer, Lenovo and Samsung. All of who have announced plans to launch Atom N435 MeeGo-based netbooks of their own. The second-hand market for 2010 MacBook Airs will also be a threat following the Sandy Bridge refresh.

Coming July | Acer | £124 – £219

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CFZBLN6WRPBNYE6BRRQLRSDKUY Dadiv Quintero

    just a few months ago when my laptop give up (after 3 years of hard work) i was thinking in what i wanted in a laptop, i settle in the cheapest laptop cause there were not in the store any that i liked, but after looking the asus, i think my dreamed laptop come true, asus just read my mind.
    i give up on desktops pc, because the not mobile thing, big and loud machine, high power use, high heat generation, etc… add that i stoped playing pc games, and thats it, because games are the only reason for a pc now (and who cares about pc games, with the ps3 and xbox)
    now i think i will give up on laptop (as in bigger, heavier, with dvd writer, etc)
    with my last laptop i looked for an nvidia chip (just in case i will return to pc games) go wasted.
    dvd writer is hardly used, i think an external one will just be fine (actually im thinking in pass all my dvds to an external hdd and give up on optical media)
    never liked to pay more for bigger hard disk (i never used more than 1/3 in my laptop) so i think a small ssd is ideal, even 8gb will be fine for me, just for the os and some files (i can always plug a sd card)
    look at the light, tiny, portable and i cant hardly wait, i dont buy a netbook in the 2009 bonanza or tablet this year for that matter, because im happy with just one gadget for all, and this netbook surely will replace my laptop that had many wasted/unecessary resources now.

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