If you’re a big fan of media streaming and have a Slingbox and a Boxee Box in your living room arsenal, here’s some good news: a Slingplayer Boxee Box app. An early version was on show at a gdgt even in New York where it was spied by Engadget.

It reports that the Slingplayer Boxee Box app takes its design cues from the current SlingPlayer mobile apps and appeared to work like a charm. It will also be coming to Google TV but since we’re still waiting for Google to bring it to this side of the Atlantic, that’s by-the-by.

Sling says the SlingPlayer Boxee Box app will pop up in the list available apps in the next month and will be free during the beta period. There’s no word on the price once it graduates to a finished service yet but we’ll be chasing Sling for more details.

Out TBC | £TBC | SlingPlayer (via Engadget)

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