It’s not often that you get to see a urban legend coming into being in real time but hop onto Twitter today and you’re likely to come across an entertaining missive purporting to be a four-letter word bolstered brush off written by Sean Connery to Steve Jobs. The story goes that Jobs wanted the Bond actor to feature in an ad but it’s just that…a story.

The fake letter was put together by Apple satire site Scoopertino but shorn of its context it’s floating around on TwitPic and being reported as a genuine article. You’d think the brutal line “you are a computer salesman and I am f*cking James Bond” might have tipped more people off.

Click through to see the fake letter in all its glory and hit the link at the bottom of the page for the original Scoopertino story. Our favourite entirely fictional fact? That the Apple iMac puck mouse was inspired by a burnt English muffin…

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  • Dhowa

    OK people, reality check.
    Sean Connery is NOT James Bond.
    Sean Connery is an actor who once played James Bond.

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