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BBC’s director of future media, Ralph Rivera, has just announced a surprise news service for “connected televisions”: a BBC News app. It’s rolling out on Samsung Smart TVs today via the Samsung Apps Store, and we’ve got the first details on it.

UPDATE: Video!

We’re at BAFTA in London this morning, where Rivera has just whipped the covers off the new service, which lets you choose the stories you want to watch, rather than waiting for them to roll around again on BBC News 24 or Sky News.

With your remote, you can choose from a few dozen stories, see the latest VTs on each, and even pull up the accompanying news report as full screen text, with the video still playing in the background.

It’s definitely a smart move, though for now only limited to Samsung Smart TVs. But the BBC’s mandate means it’ll be bringing it to more platforms with time: Rivera wouldn’t name which TV lines would get it when we pressed him, but did say it wouldn’t be hard to port.

“It’s a web delivered experience, and because of that any device that supports the specification we can deliver this experience on,” he said.

“We’re seeing the emergence of the post-PC world, and we embrace that as the opportunity to deliver our experiences on whatever piece of glass they choose,” he said.

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