There’s been plenty of sensible speculation that the iPad 3 will arrive packing a Retina screen and now a clue lurking in iOS 5 has revived those thoughts. Previous versions of iOS have revealed future hardware specs so new software code is always worth combing through.

Back in January, before the iPad 2 arrived, images emerged online of iPad apps with icons twice the size needed for the 1024×768 iPad screen. That sent the rumour mill into a spin suggesting that we’d see an iPad 2 Retina display. It was not to be but code related to the iOS 5 Twitter integration appears to be hiding a magic number…

A developer delving into the iOS 5 SDK discovered that the new Twitter framework makes provision for seriously large images with a resolution of 2048×1536, double the current iPad screen resolution and precisely the figure that all those previous iPad 3 Retina display rumours were pointing to.

But it’s worth treating this discovery with some caution as the tipster notes he has only found provision for the larger resolution images in the Twitter framework. That could simply be because Twitter integration is a recent addition to the iOS 5 code or even just a mistake.

We would be very surprised not to see a higher resolution screen arriving with the iPad 3 with Apple’s rivals (notably Samsung) pushing to rapidly improve the screen technology in their own tablets.

Besides a Retina screen, what features do you want to see in the iPad 3?

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  • Patrick Johnson

    I want a 7 inch ipad. the normal size one is too big. There is nothing wrong with 7 and if Job’s thinks its to small why then the 3.5 inch ipod touch.

    And they should free up the bluetooth too. or do like Dell have on my Wifi Only streak 7 its got GPS in it too. and makes a great sat nav with Copilot. And I was lucky to drop on one from CEX for only £165 grade A. otherwise it would not be in my hands

    And Two bloody speakers. and 16gb 32gb and 64gb versions with micro sd or full size as the dell streak 7 has full size sd slot.

    And why bang on about the Dell. yes it was cheap but as I already own over 300 apps and games I want a decent size IOS device thats not 3.5″ or 9.7″ screen

    And go crazy make it have a Round display better for racing games LOL

  • Randy Marsh

    This is really nice post. I am agree with Patric that Apple should relies the 7 inch version of iPad. 7 inch is portable to fit pocket. While 10 inch look more bigger. I am really waiting for the iPad 3.

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