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Solid details on the Nintendo Wii U are extremely thin on the ground, but if you want to see how the new touchscreen, display streaming controller works, check out the very first trailer, right here!

Make yourself a brew, smack play below and watch as Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime reveals the Nintendo Wii U and its controller, pulling off all sorts of stunts including sharing a screen, acting as a drawing pad and as a scope on a gun accessory.

What do you make of the Nintendo Wii U? Will it work? Is the name just too daft? Shout up with your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    Still behind the PS3 in terms of graphics and games, and will cost more, and won’t have Blu-Ray.
    So it’s like a poor-mans PS3 without the cost-advantage.   Premium Aldi-console.

  • Patrick Johnson

    Wii means take a p-ss and wii U means they p-ss on you.
    Again slow out of date hardware and bulky controller. Been HD res does not mean it will have great graphics just mean they have more dots.

    Almost reminds me of the onlive game system without needed the internet and it has a screen built in
    Its not a tablet but its not a games system its a gamtab wft

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