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UPDATE: Twitter integration will be baked into iOS 5 as well, as rumours suggested. It’ll let you share anything on supported apps quickly and easily – you just log in once.

It’s official: iOS 5 will bring better notifications to your iPhone, and Apple just demoed how live on stage at WWDC 2011.

iOS has long lagged behind its big rival Android (and also HP’s webOS) when it comes to notifications. In a massively multi-tasking age, ginormous pop up alerts that have to be dispelled one by one are a massive pain, and nowhere near as seamless as Google’s pull down notification tray in Android.

Enter the iOS 5 Notification Centre: from iOS boss Scott Forstall’s demo on stage in San Francisco at WWDC, it appears to work exactly like on Android, if a bit more colourful. Alerts drops down in a bar, which you can then pull down and dispel individually or tap to open the app.

The big difference though is that you can automatically launch the apps with notifications from your lockscreen, by swiping on the relevant bar. Handy.

Forstall said that an iOS 5 SDK would be out today for developers, while a public release is scheduled for the Autumn. Sounds about the time for the iPhone 5 to appear.

Can you wait? The iPhone is back, and in a big way. Stay tuned for more coverage right here.

(Image: concept of iOS 5 notification from last month)

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