Apple stock watchers say AirPort devices – specifically the AirPort Extreme and TimeCapsule – are becoming a rare commodity at the Apple Store. Coupled with the news that iCloud will be unveiled on Monday, speculation is growing that we’ll see an iCloud-enabled TimeCapsule and Airport Extreme models hitting the shelves. Here’s why that could make sense…

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It’s consistently been suggested that the iCloud will be about more than music and that’s why the idea of iCloud-enabled AirPort devices seems so compelling. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the lack of wireless synching and software updates.

The iCloud Time Capsule is rumoured to work wth both Macs and iOS devices to install software updates from a local cache rather than forcing you to plug in your device. That could go further with files grabbed from connected computers and slung to your iOS device via the TimeCapsule and backups thrown back up to iCloud.

While Apple has only confirmed that it will discuss iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud, that doesn’t mean we won’t see new hardware to support that brace of new software. We really wouldn’t be surprised to see overhauled AirPort kit on the list.

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