Nokia Play To challenges AirPlay: wirelessly streams media to your TV [video]Think Apple has the only wirelessly streaming game in town? Fear not my Nokia loving friends, Beta Labs has come to the rescue with its latest creation, Nokia Play To beta. The free software, available now, allows wireless streaming of all your media: photos, video and even music.

How does it work? Simple, just open up the Play To app on your Nokia handset and make sure all your devices are on the same wireless network. You’ll also need to make sure you have a DLNA- capable TV, A/V receiver, Blu-ray player or PS3 gaming console. For those familiar with DLNA technology, Nokia is supporting push and server functionalities with its current implementation.

The video below shows off just how clean the implementation is and with a price that’s just right, we’d say Play To looks like a hit. If you need some additional help setting up the application or passing your content along to your TV, hit the detailed instructions here.

Out Now | Nokia | Free

  • Anonymous

    So the eeePad Transformer that’s only been on the market for less than 12 hours has failed to gain traction?
    Are these people fucking morons or something?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah by all accounts I’ve heard that Asus is still struggling to meet demand, presumably because it is manufacturing them on a lower scale than rivals.

      This doesn’t surprise me from the POV of Motorola etc however. The Xoom is only passable, and unlike all of its rivals in this space, Moto is all Android all the time, and that’s it. So they probably expected/hoped for a goldmine, when the truth is that people want an iPad rather than a tablet, for better or worse.

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