Call of Duty Elite: Will you pay the online multiplayer tax?As the saying goes, you’ve got to pay to play. In a surprise move this morning Activision Blizzard Inc. revealed plans to launch a paid service dubbed Call of Duty Elite. The new service will launch in tandem with the November release of Modern Warfare 3 and looks to put our allegiance to the franchise to the ultimate test — our bank accounts. Will you pay the online multiplayer tax for Call of Duty Elite?

There’s no denying Activision Blizzard Inc.’s ability to churn out unprecedented revenue from its monthly subscriptions to World of Warcraft. In a move which seems to mimic the MMO craze, Call of Duty Elite was born. The cost, while still unconfirmed, is rumored to be in the neighborhood of $7.99 (£4.84) per month — a price that matches a monthly Netflix subscription.

The $7.99 (£4.84) per month fee provides extra content not offered on game discs sold in stores, including downloadable map packs with new levels. In addition, there will be ‘Call of Duty’ player tools, reportedly modeled on those from stock-trading websites, to analyze your gaming performance for maps and weapons.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops riding high as the best-selling video game of 2010, Modern Warfare 3 looks destined to repeat. At E3 next month, Activision is expected to outline, in detail, Call of Duty Elite and most importantly – the cost. The question remains – will you pay to play?

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  • Campbellcabs78

    Like fcuk I will. I buy the game for the multiplayer aspect, If they want even more cash, then they can suck my lad. I’ll quickly find a new game

  • lexusperplexus

    I pay Microsoft for the privilege of playing games online through my XBox 360, plus a very large sum of money for the game which earns the developers and publishers more than enough profits to build and maintain something like Elite for free.  

    I doubt the developers of MW3 will carry this through.  It’s like introducing a poor man’s mini Facebook and trying to charge people for it.  I’m happy to keep playing MW2 and Black Ops.  COD is 80% multiplayer and 20% singleplayer – or at least the brevity of the single player campaigns indicate that.  It was hard enough stumping the cash for multiplayer on the XBox when I’ve spent so many years playing online for free on my PC.  

  • Anonymous

    no chance. battlefield 3 it is then

  • adro91

    So we have to pay for multiplayer now?!?!

    F**k that. 

  • Mr_tapeworm

    This post is incorrect – Elite is an optional service that only acts as a forum and matchmaking area for players. The core multiplayer experience is still free. Poor journalism.

    • Billb1983

      missin the point retard. They have extras that are extra money which anyone with at least two functioning brain cells will refuse to pay(although people like this are few and far between) which they SHOULD have inclued in the game retail price. ALL COD games make ludacrous profits and trying to make more for doing no extra work is a joke. Remember to smile nice as MW3 bends u over an rides you for every penny they can. Fact is not only are they a bunch of dicks attempting this for the last 3 years they have fallen behind other quality game makers ie Gears, Halo and now Battlefield and if it wasnt for the fanboys and commercialism Black ops wouldve failed and Infinity ward would never have had the balls to pull something like this. Core multiplayer is free BS when MW3 is released the makers will have the first two map packs siting onm a USB waiting to release them. Fuck COD – from a players who has prestiged at least twice but ad the bains to stop playing when map packs were released

  • Anonymous

    Battlefield 3, has intentionally matched all the Elite features and is giving them away free… seeya COD… Battlefield series is a better game anyways.

  • chris o

    i hope this falls flat on its a$$ but suspect that there will be enough idiots to make this financially viable

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