Samsung Galaxy S 2 KE7 update promises better battery life, more RAMProud owners of our favorite Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 2, are in for a treat this afternoon. A fresh firmware build, dubbed i9100XWKE7, is headed to the frightfully-thin smartphone on the heels of the recent, K2 update. There’s several noteworthy improvements such as improved battery life, more free RAM on start-up and an update to Samsung Apps.

In order to join in this afternoon’s festivities you’ll need to download the update through Samsung Kies application. A change log is absent for now, but our friends at FoneArena have put together what they believe are the principal changes: Samung Apps updated, picture in Background Effect Menu changed, Battery Life seems to have been improved, more free RAM at start-up, camera has been updated — fixing the pink problem, better image quality and improved zoom panel.

All in all the KE7 update looks promising and without a doubt, a welcomed addition by all Galaxy S 2 owners. If you happen to land the update this afternoon do tell, we’d love some confirmation on the purported improvements. Alternatively, if you track down the change log go ahead and shoot us an email.

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  • Phil

    Yes – think it’s all true. The boot seems a little quicker, and the phone a little faster. Given that it works like lightening anyhow, had this happened in the background, I don’t think I would have noticed – so slight improvement, but not massive. Worth noting that if updating via Kies software, it has to be the desktop version, downloaded from Samsung – will not update via Kies Air.

  • Matt Pope

    My Kies says i have the latests software :-( I don’t because I haven’t updated it once… Who has the update? (UK :-] )

  • M Rowlands

    Still waiting for a kies version for mac to do it!

    • Marcatrainbow

      Dito, why can’t Samsung get moving on this, we Mac users want Kies Mini compatibility for the i9100 now!!


  • Amazing Web Design

    Samsung Galaxy S2 KE7 Firmware Update Try to update and it wont work have got windows 7 and every time it starts the update kies stops responding and dont know if it windows 7 are kies anyone got any ideas how to fix it??

    • mattymii

      I had the same problem on Windows 7 and got round it by uninstalling Kies then reinstalling. Worked fine and have now been able to update.

  • Jb100

    I have had the update for a couple of days now and i haven’t noticed any better battery life at all.

  • Timdrake

    I updated yesterday and I have noticed no difference at all.  Great phone but the battery life is so bad.  I did not buy a phone with a great screen to have the brightness level set to 10% just to try and make the battery last a day!!  Thinking of going back to iPhone as soon as the 5 is available.

    • Phil

      Wow – I updated within the first hour, and can honestly say, my battery life has doubled. The top post is mine, and I doubted the battery life would improve, but I am astounded at the difference.

      • Aamer

        Hi, can you please let me know from where you have download KE7? Im unable to find it and Kies has nothing available in it.

  • Ashley Pearson

    About time!

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