Apple AirPlay support unofficially added to Windows Media Center devicesHave you been thinking about taking AirPlay outside the confines of Apple’s ecosystem of products? Developer Thomas Pleasance and yesterday, albeit unofficially, released a Windows Media Center add-in which brings AirPlay support to Windows Media Center. Once enabled, your iPhone 4 will be able to output directly to your PC, making for a luscious gaming experience.

Apple’s wireless media streaming technology begins and ends with your iOS device and the Apple TV — until today. Simply install the latest version of iTunes on your PC so that Apple’s Bonjour is running and then head on over to Thomas Pleasance’s website for the free Windows Media Center add-in. The half a megabyte download is still very much in beta so please go easy on the fella.

After you’ve installed the necessary components, open up Windows Media Center and you’re iPhone will show “Windows Media Center” in its list of AirPlay-enabled devices. Let the streaming begin! Be sure to let us know how things are going. In the meantime, here’s a video of the streaming in action.

via 9to5Mac

  • Mrvinn

    Says it supports extenders but Xbox 360 has a codec issue, be it video or photos!

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