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Asus is gently teasing its wares for next week’s Computex expo in Taiwan, and this tablet close up sticks out like rubbish joystick accessories on an iPad. Just look at that bezel. Either Asus has made a slate with a frame as thick as the screen is wide, or that’s a smaller device inside a larger one. Asus’ return to smartphones, perhaps? Read on to see all the images.

Over on Asus’ Tech In Style blog, Asus is teasing a device with “gentle edges” and “complementary tones”, but if we’re not mistaken, it looks like it could be two: the central black device in the first image is clearly shown separated from the frame in another, and the site alludes to a “clip” on the tablet, which leads us to two possible conclusions.

One, that Asus has made a tablet with a massive picture frame to place it in – which sounds absurd, but let’s not forget Archos has done something similar before. Two, Asus has a phone (Presumably running Android or Windows Phone 7) which clips into the device for use in the home.

Asus has had a strange attitude to smartphones in the past. Earlier this year, it ended its satnav smartphone collaboration with GPS maker Garmin. Last year, Asus manufactured the Windows Phone 7 prototype shown at the launch of the OS (shown in the video below), but has yet to release a device to the public.

Any ideas what this Asus tablet doohicky is? Shout up in the comments!

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