Apple Store 2.0 live, now powered by iPad 2 [video]The cat is out of the bag, Apple’s big surprise for its 10th retail anniversary is making its way around the globe. Based on Apple nomenclature, we’d call the makeover a mid-2011 retail refresh. At the heart of Apple Store 2.0 is the iPad 2, replacing the printed details previously located alongside its products. That’s not the only change; they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a cool million.

As the video so aptly illustrates, the iPad 2 is running a special ‘Smart Sign’ app which provides five shortcuts: features, compare, new to Mac, support and specialist. The latter serves as a notifier to send a friendly Apple associate your way to answer additional questions. This hands-off retail approach has served Apple very well. As someone who can’t stand a pushy salesperson, the app looks like a sure-fire winner.

Apple Store 2.0 live, now powered by iPad 2 [video]

In addition to the iPad 2 display units, a new version of the Apple Store app is now available via iTunes. Custom built (BTO) Macs are now baked in and the app has been optimized for the iPad.  Not bad for a retail refresh, don’t you think?

via 9to5Mac

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