Sure, Tinie Tempah may have a gold BlackBerry, but you know what? He’s so 2010. Rapper GT Solo catches the mood of a generation that’s slowly clocked onto the rather slow speeds and limited abilities of RIM’s emailers in this new song, “BB Is Dead”, that went live on YouTube this week.

It’s not just BlackBerrys that are in the pop culture firing line either. “Nokias get dashed in the bin” apparently, and “Android is alright” but these iPhone things are where it’s at with the urban and gritty yoof of today. Read on for the video.

Of course, a lot of truth is said in jest, and we’ve heard lots of rumours lately that RIM is planning to port BlackBerry Messenger, its big USP for teens, to iOS and Android to stop rival services delivering the goods on every mobile – apps such as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger, for instance.

What do you reckon? Are BlackBerrys bobbins? Is GT Solo just doing this for a rise? Sound off with your allegiances in the comments.

  • Mattmoore

    This post is totally irrelevant  as everyone knows all rappers are morons.

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