We’re not sure where Angry Birds has left to go: we broke the news of the board game and card game, and showed you how to make an Angry Birds cake. Now Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) has constructed a real life level, several storeys high, complete with sound effects and a brass band playing Rovio’s now famous theme tune. Read on to see the insane video.

The bonkers level, caught by Hasta Los Juegos in the Spanish city of Terrassa, is part of an advertisement being shot by the network. We’re not actually in awe of the scale of the event: it’s a logical progression for a mobile game that’s taken over popular consciousness like no other. We’re actually just shocked at how few observers there are. REAL LIFE ANGRYS BIRDS, people. We’d have jumped on a plane to come see it. Anyway, watch:

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