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So remember back when the iPad first launched, and everyone had a good old a moan about the the lack of a camera? Yeah, this is today’s Flickr current daily average user stats for Apple devices with cameras. Just 22 Flickr users out of more than 40 million use their iPad 2 camera sensors to grab snaps, making it 200 times less popular than the iPhone 4. Just sayin’. Read on to see the high-res infographic.

Of course, comparing between iOS devices is hardly fair: it’s not as though Apple has sold as many iPad 2s as it has iPhone 3Gs. But taken on its own that number, 22, is still stunningly low for a device that’s already shipped in the millions, and the total number of images on Flickr taken with the tablet is a paltry 12,570. Number of iPhone images? 51,331,761.

Click the image above for the full high resolution graphic. Are you glad your iPad 2 has a camera? Let us know in the comments.

  • Simon Cohen

     No surprise. The iPad 2′s cams are not meant for photography. Just FaceTime. I’m not even sure why someone would wish that they could take high-res photos with the device. It would be just about the most awkward camera I could think of. 

  • Gmcolm

     I would imagine Flicker is seeing the same think withe the iPod touch camera. Could it be that the iPad 2 and iPod Touch cameras are just too crappy to use for real photography? A .69 mp camera is just barely a camera.

  • Oliver Hallett

     Never seen the point in cameras on the back of tablets! front yep but back… nah!

  • Arjay67

    Yep, no surprise at all. I waited for the iPad 2 because I wanted the cameras. I was a bit let down to find out that the rear camera was so low-res, but photography was not the reason I wanted the iPad in the first place. The front cam for FaceTime is sufficient and I have my mid-range Canon for “real” pictures. Would be nice if it were improved though. ;)


    The iPad’s camera is pretty lame for still photos, although I have used it for record-keeping it’s not going to produce attractive photos. However, it works pretty well as an HD video recorder. I’ve used it twice to produce nice videos for inclusion in presentations to large audiences.

  • Brett

    Apple (and anyone with a brain) realized that a large tablet was not the appropriate form factor to replace the pocket camera or cell phone camera that people already own. That’s why they omitted it completely from iPad 1.    It is also why Apple didn’t include hi-res sensors and a flash on the iPad 2.

    If video chatting takes off, the cameras will find some use.  In the mean time they will do in a pinch if you need to take a quick snapshot and don’t have anything better handy.

  • Oliver

     Ben – Are you just trying to to be dumb?

  • Ken

    I just constantly with my skype account and it works quite well.

  • Ken

    Edit of previous post: I use it constantly with my skype account and it works quite well.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, tis is way  cool ddue

  • Anonymous

     Well a tablet Camera is really a webcam.  Why not compare it with other webcams?  The built in camera in any modern laptop – I would expect the numbers to be very low as they are not designed for photos.  But compare the usage of FaceTime, Video Skype Calls on the iPad 2 to other devices and you will get a different graph all together.

    • Arjay67

      OK, compare it to a webcam. In that case it’s still pretty lame. The front facing does a fine job for FaceTime/Skype. But the rear is still far lower quality then most of the webcams that i’ve ever used. While I do agree with Brett that due to the form factor, the iPad was never really imagined as a camera; it is still much lower quality than I expected from an otherwise far superior tablet. :)

  • Stu

    Camera is truly horrid and I mean both. 

  • Larry

    What do you know…… There is a camera back there ;-)

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