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Upcoming iPod Nano adds a camera? We'll take bluetooth insteadThe Apple rumor mill is heating up as we approach the company’s yearly iPod event. Today, leaked images of an iPod Nano with camera surfaced on The site claims the rear-facing camera packs a 1.3-megapixel sensor and supports both video and imaging functions.

Apple taketh and Apple giveth. After removing the video camera and shrinking the display to fit last year’s bite-sized form factor, Apple will allegedly come full circle in the iPod Nano evolution. The 2011 iPod Nano will keep its current 1.5-inch multitouch display, but drop the back clip so that a rear-facing camera can be included.

For those of you who use the iPod Nano as a watch or just enjoy the watch strap when using headphones at the gym, a more useful feature would be Bluetooth. Please, Apple give us Bluetooth on the 2011 iPod Nano, we deserve it.

Who’s with me?

Coming Soon | Apple | TBD

  • James Kelly

    Instead of a useless camera, the 2011 iPod Nano should keep the same form factor, but increase the screen size to 2inches and the resolution to 480×480. It should also bring back video playback and integrated speakers and have Bluetooth too.

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