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BREAKING: Sure, Apple’s AirPlay is an easy way to stream music from your iPhone to your speaker system. But can it let you turn your lights on and off, adjust your heating and scan CDs with NFC? No? Google’s new Android ecosystem extension, Android At Home, can. Ladies and gentlemen, you are going to like this.

Demoed at Google’s I/O conference in California today, Android At Home is a new concept, letting you control devices in your home from your smartphone, akin to various apps and gadgets we’ve seen over the last few years . The first light bulbs which will support it will be made available from Lighting Science later this year.

But it goes one further: in a tech demo the company calls Project Tungsten, Google showed how you can stream to supported stereos from within the Google Music app, akin to how AirPlay works on iOS devices. The company also showed how the speakers could scan a chipped CD and instantly add that disc’s songs to your Google Muisc account and start playing in seconds.

There’s no word on when this technology will roll out, but we’re very, very excited by the possibilities, so we’ll be following this one closely for you.

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