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The future of HTC smartphones: HTC Kingdom and Rider [photo]Want a free glimpse into HTC’s Android smartphone future? Please remember the cost of admission when judging the quality of these megapixel-deficient photos. The HTC Kingdom and Rider will be the next qHD-packing smartphones unleashed to the Android community, following in the footsteps of the HTC Sensation.

There’s two certainties for HTC’s top-tier Android smartphones: they’ll use 4.3-inch displays and they’ll operate at qHD resolution. Pictured on the left, the HTC Kingdom looks to have brushed aluminum trim along the top, very reminiscent of the HTC Touch Pro2. Since details are scarce, anything is possible with this bad boy, heck maybe even a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but we’d imagine that’s probably unlikely.

Over on the right is the the HTC Rider, wrapped in red trim (possibly a removable case). Other than the red trim, the HTC Kingdom and Rider look very similar, we’ll just have to wait for additional photos or possibly a screenshot to spill the beans. So, now that you’ve seen the next two HTC Android smartphones.

Coming Soon | HTC | TBD

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