Samsung releases new 3D Smart TV D6350 series in 32 and 40 inch flavorsSamsung has its sights set on landing a new 3D Smart TV in a bedroom near you. Offered in 32 and 40 inch varieties, the new D6350 series brings the power of stereoscopic 3D and the eye-friendly 2D viewing while reducing dizziness and eliminating eyestrain. Like its big brothers the D8000, D7000, D6500 and D6400 series, you’ll have Samsung’s Smart Hub and TV apps within arm’s reach.

As tech aficionados we love choice. Whether that means choices in service or products, it all boils down to matching our needs with the right device. For TVs, while I hate to admit this, not everyone needs a 55 inch set in every room. Bedrooms, guest rooms and even small studies are the perfect locations for 32-inch Samsung D6350 3D Smart TVs.

Samsung releases new 3D Smart TV D6350 series in 32 and 40 inch flavors

The 32 and 40-inch D6350 series use the crystal black panel, 3D hyper-real engine and Samsung’s own “smart real-motion” technology to improve viewing angles and reduce screen flicker. To prevent radio frequency interference for stereoscopic 3D viewing, Samsung uses bluetooth. Add in Samsung’s TV apps, social network integration and a killer remote, and you have your all-in-one bedroom media center. The D6350 series is now available in Korea with a worldwide release to follow.

Out Now | Samsung | TBD

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    The tv is great! But I will get the girl instead! lol Thanks for sharing this review regarding this smart TV.

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