Second-gen Sharp Quattron TVs add 3D support and Freeview HDWhat could be better than Sharp’s first generation Quattron set — easy, the second-gen. Unveiled this afternoon via press release, Sharp’s Quattron LE831 series ups the ante thanks to 3D support and built-in Freeview HD. This is not a one trick pony friends, there’s much more to the second-gen Quattron than its yellow pixels.

Sharp hit the ground running when it began the daunting task of besting its original Quattron TVs. Adding yellow to the RGB mix was a start, but the bar had been set — generation two needed to improve image quality, design and achieve the lowest possible energy consumption. Sharp succeeded on all three fronts.

The Quattron LE831 series pack superb image quality, an A rating for low energy consumption, an optional Skype function, 3D support and even AQUOS NET+ for internet access. The first wave of second-generation Quattron TVs arrive in the UK this May with the release of the Sharp Aquos LC-831E, offered initially in 40 and 46 inch varieties. Six additional sets will touchdown later this Summer.

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