UPDATE: Vodafone UK has confirmed the 2.3 update is available for Galaxy S handsets on its network now. Just plug your phone into your computer and grab it through the Kies syncing software. Let us know how you get on.

Samsung has finally outed the Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread update for European customers. It started appearing over the weekend for Samsung Galaxy S owners in the Nordic countries, Holland and Germany but should be reaching the rest of us this week.

Check for updates now and then click the headline and head for the comments to let us know when you got the update and how it’s working out for you. You can read our original Samsung Galaxy S review and check out our best Android phones chart while you’re at it.

Out now | £free | Samsung

  • Student007

    Anybody tested it already on regular unrooted galaxy s? Does it fix the lag or is lagfix still gonna be needed like after froyo update?

  • Alasdair Hitchen

    Update failed, DLL error while updating. Well done samsung.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no! What network are you on?

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