gave its iPhone and Android apps a kick up the rear with a big update in February – but the online music service isn’t stopping there. We’ve learned that more new features are closed to launch, and that tablet support is incoming too. Read on for the details.

In an interview with’s vice president of product, Matthew Hawn today, we learned that the service plans new additions to the Android and iPhone apps, which moved to a premium business model in February. “Next on the list” is an option for cached radio streaming, so you can listen to your stations “on the tube”, akin to Spotify’s offline playlists.

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Hawn wouldn’t say when this feature would be rolled out, but did reveal that it was soon, and likely a simultaneous release on Android and iOS – the music oriented social network is trying to “bring them both back into sync”.

Also on the cards is a new “tablet experience” for the apps. The iOS up currently has to be upscaled to the iPad’s resolution, but Hawn says a new tablet optimised experience is “close”.

You can bet those will be tailored for iPad and Honeycomb first and foremost, but that might not be all. “You know we can’t get onto every single platform, but the [BlackBerry] PlayBook is high on the list, and the same thing goes for HP and webOS,” he said. He also suggested that would “probably” try and get the Android app approved by RIM to be sold on the app store for its slate.

Hawn, who joined the London based service late last year, also revealed that 800 songs are now being scrobbled (logged to refine recommendations for other users) every second by users, and that the Xbox 360 is now the most used device for streaming stations, other than a PC.

“A year from now, more people are going to be listening in more places,” he said. “I see us being the connected tissue between them…we can sit in between alll these services.”

Can it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Moorsta would be the ultimate online music service if they were to combine their model and the spotify model, at present I use both but I think spotify (and or grooveshark) have the edge in that you can select any track to play whenever you want.

    • Anonymous

      To be honest are happy with that in some resepects – since they can scrobble data to from Spotify, gets the data for targeted ads while serving you up music recommendations – which is still Spotify’s big failing.

      • Moorsta

        agreed.. i use both services and we7 and scobble everything in order to build up my library, its just a shame that if you want the best experiences of both services, you need to pay two subscriptions

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