Square, the mobile payments company founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, has scored a real win – placement in the Apple Store. Apple is now selling the Square hardware which hooks into an iPhone/iPod touch and lets anyone process and manage credit card payments.

The Square device is the only payments product featured in US Apple stores. It’s selling for $9.95 but users get $10 of credit when they sign up for an account and the apps are free.

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Apple allowing Square into its store is a big success for Dorsey and co and suggests Apple likes the look of the startup’s goal to put the iPhone and iPod touch at the heart of a simple payment process. It’s obvious why that appeals to Apple but it does make us wonder: is Apple going to launch an iPhone 5 with NFC smarts or continue to allow outsiders like Square to make the iPhone a payment platform?

We’ve seen lots of iPhone 5 NFC rumours but nothing concrete and while networks like O2 have said they’re working hard on NFC experiments and the Google Nexus S had NFC baked in, whether it’ll take off is still up in the air. Could Apple take a left turn and offer something else entirely? We wouldn’t bet against it.

Out now | $9.95 (US only) | Apple/Square

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