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If you’re stranded with a small screened phone to watch videos on while you’re on the go, have no fear! The HTC Sensation is here to rescue you from squinting at YouTube clips and delivering what you want to watch, when you want to, on the best screen in the biz. Read on, and we’ll break down all its video super powers for you.

It shoots in full HD
The HTC Sensation comes with HD camcording skills, as you’d expect from any flagship smartphone these days. But most top out at a maximum resolution of 1280×720, or 720p. The Sensation on the other hand is one of the world’s first phones to film in super sharp 1920×1080 full HD – in other words, footage is more than twice as sharp as that shot with rival phones.

Screen resolution on steroids
The HTC Sensation’s screen measures a spacious 4.3-inches across, but it stuffs in many more pixels than rivals, so videos you watch back on the move looks sharper than Clark Kent in an Armani suit. It’s one of the world’s first smartphones with a qHD resolution (960×540) touchscreen, so movies look better, texts appears sharper, and everything is as easy on the eye as Catwoman in that little black number,

Set top box super powers
You’re not restricted to the HTC Sensation’s own screen when it comes to playing back video of your latest daring escapade or foiled heist. Using MHL technology, you can simply connect the Sensation to your HDTV through its charging port, and watch everything back in full HD.

Video editing voodoo
HTC Sense 3.0 adorns the Sensation’s Android build like the S on Superman’s cozzie, and it brings a heap of new features to the table, including video editing on an Android phone for the first time. You can cut, chop and change your clips so they’re polished and ready to share, wherever you are.

Media streaming skills
Another HTC Sense exclusive you’ll find on board the HTC Sensation is Connected Media, a free app for streaming media around your Batcave or home network, whichever you prefer to call it. Just fire it up and you can send video to your TV to watch without wires, or suck files off your PC’s hard drives from your armchair.

Summon movies on demand
The HTC Sensation is the first film to come loaded with HTC Watch, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer’s movies on demand service, stuffed full of the latest titles to rent or buy, and trailers to watch for free. You can even save your purchases in the cloud to watch on other HTC devices.

Stash clips aplenty
The HTC Sensation comes with a luxurious 4GB of internal storage, so even if you maxed out the microSD card with your full HD video recordings while on surveillance of an arch enemy’s hide out, you’ll still have plenty more storage space to fall back on.

Banish the black bars
The HTC Sensation’s screen isn’t just bigger and sharper, it’s a shape shifter too. The screen ratio is now an expansive 16:9, which is perfect for watching widescreen movies, as it means you can enjoy them without those rogue black bars on the top and bottom of the display.

Internet video on tap
If you fancy some telly instead of Hollywood blockbuster, simply log on to your on demand website of choice on the HTC Sensation’s speedy browser. With the free Adobe Flash 10.2 plugin installed, you can stream video from anywhere on the web, and with a dual core processor at the phone’s beating core, it all looks smooth as a hero’s spandex outfit.

Instant stills as well
The HTC Sensation is no mere one-super-power-wonder. Armed with an eight megapixel camera, it can take top notch stills as well as video, and courtesy of HTC’s super boffins, it does it on the double with Instant Capture shutter technology, so what you see is what you take, not what’s there half a second after you pressed the shutter.

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