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The HTC ChaCha is set to samba its way into your online social life in a way no Android smartphone plain and tall has managed before. This cheery handset comes equipped with a killer feature that’ll transform you into the ultimate Facebook warrior, and put you just a touch away from your friends at any time. Oh, and it’s not the keyboard – it’s the HTC ChaCha’s very own, very special Facebook button. Read on, and we’ll dissect this social networking super phone for you.

The all powerful F
If we’d put as much time into space travel research as we did our Facebook updates, we’d have made it to Alpha Centauri already. But where’s the fun in interstellar travel in a freezing cold vacuum when you can see what your friends are up to in the blink of an eye instead? That’s what the HTC ChaCha lets you do with its convenient dedicated Facebook button residing on the keyboard. Give it a tap and presto, you’re pupil deep in what your mates are doing right now.

Actually, it’s a lot more sophisticated than a simple app shortcut. The Facebook button on the HTC ChaCha is context sensitive, so it drops you to the right feature of Facey B depending on what you’re up to. Snapped a photo or video on the five megapixel camera, or on a webpage you like? Look for the flashing Facebook button and you’ll know that you can simply share it with friends by giving it a pop.

QWERTY to the rescue
As you’d expect from a super hero smartphone, the HTC ChaCha goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to keys. While your average Android would settle for search, back and menu buttons, the HTC ChaCha comes packing an entire QWERTY keyboard below its 2.6-inch touchscreen.

The upshot for you is that you get the tactile feedback of physical keys, spread out over four lines, which greatly reduces the chance of making an error while typing at speed – text editing is easy too with four cursor keys. It all amounts to a phone on which you can fire off SMS and instant messages at a rapid fire pace, and turn yourself into a Twitter wag on the fly, without of course losing the multitouch experience of Android.

Gingerbread fresh out of the oven
The HTC ChaCha is one of a brand new breed of Android phones, running a build hand crafted by Google and dubbed Gingerbread. As well as bringing all sorts of speed boosts and pulling off power saving feats under the bonnet, it also gives you the reassurance that you’ll be able to run even the latest app as soon as it hits the Android Market.

Android augmented
But it’s HTC that’s really given the ChaCha its mutant software power. The clever phone crafter has fused Android with its own HTC Sense overlay, creating the best social networking experience on any phone, period. Just enter your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr details once at launch and it’ll sync and connect all your contacts across services together with your phonebook.

Shortcuts to all your essential services cluster around HTC’s beautiful live info widget, putting everything at your fingertips. All your friends’ updates will drop into the FriendStream widget on your homescreen, you’ll see them when they call you so you’ll never miss a birthday again – they’ll start to think you’re psychic. For the first time, you’ll even find a Facebook Chat widget to plonk on your homescreen too, so you can see who’s online for a quick natter at any time, and anywhere. The HTC ChaCha’s as telepathic as Professor Xavier, and as agile as Spidey, and with none of that awkward sticky web goo either.

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