Blu-ray knows no limits: Panasonic outs 100GB rewritable discsNews flash: we are approaching the day when rewritable media encroaches on the storage capacity of hard drives. In a press release this afternoon, Panasonic confirmed they’ll unveil a rewritable single-sided three-layer Blu-ray disc with a 100GB capacity on April 15th. As the world’s first rewritable 100GB Blu-ray disc, what’s next for consumer electronics giant?

Today’s single-sided two-layer Blu-ray disc checks in at an impressive 50GB capacity. The new 100GB rewritable Blu-ray disc shatters that capacity with the potential to store 12 hours of 17Mbps Digital TV or just about every mp3 file of even the largest collection. Now for the important details — compatibility.

The 100GB rewritable discs can be recorded at a maximum of 2x-speed and are compatible with BDXL Part1 Version 3. Basically, you’ll need a BDXL-compatible Blu-ray disc recorder that was release after September 2010 to use the disc. Assuming your hardware checks out, Panasonic will begin selling the discs starting next Friday, April 15th.

April 15 | Panasonic | TBD [via Tech-On!]

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