Life is 10 times better with 4G LTE than WiMaxIn the states we are in the early stages of a nationwide 4G LTE deployment by two major carriers: At&t and Verizon Wireless. A similar roll out is being planned for Europe, but you’re probably asking yourself what’s so great about LTE? To answer that question let’s take a look at the results of over 1000 independent speed tests conducted in New York City.

Before LTE there was WiMax, also a 4G service. Sprint, by way of Clearwire, brought the technology mainstream in the mobile market. Sprint enjoyed a sizable lead in network build out thanks to its partnership, but recently Verizon Wireless grabbed the bull by the horns and aggressively rolled out 4G LTE to most major markets.

An independent test conducted by a research firm in New York City was released today, comparing the speeds of Verizon and Sprint’s 4G networks. The findings were alarming, showing 4G LTE averaged an incredible 10.3 Mbps download speed when using a smartphone tethered to a laptop. Sprint’s WiMax on the other hand barely hit 1.6 Mbps. Clearly, all 4G is not created equal. There’s plenty more insightful data in the independent test and we recommend hitting the source link below for the full scoop.

via Android Police

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