Windows Phone 7 app data: Microsoft spills the beans!  Determining whether Windows Phone 7 has lived up to expectations is very difficult when data is hard to come by. Today, Microsoft has revealed a tremendous amount of insight over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, confirming the number of apps (11,500) and just about every other statistic we could have hoped to track down. Let’s dive right in.

The Windows Phone Developers Tools have been downloaded 1.5 million times. Out of these 1.5 million downloads, 36,000 users have become members of the AppHub community to become official Windows Phone developers. The result of a 36,000 developer base is a library of 11,500 apps (not including variations of apps offered in different languages).

Looking into more detail on these 11,500 apps, Microsoft confirmed that 7,500 of these apps are paid. Another 1,100 apps are currently generating a revenue using the Microsoft Advertising Ad Control. With the majority of apps making money on Windows Phone 7, nearly 1,200 newly registered developers are being added every week. The average time for app certification is now 1.8 days.

So what about the actual phones? On average, Windows Phone 7 users download 12 apps per month. Not bad for an app library that has only been around for four months, right? There’s plenty of other useful statistics provided in the Microsoft write up today, but these were the numbers that really stood out. I’d have to say things are looking on the up and up for Windows Phone developers these days, don’t you agree?

via Windows Phone Developer Blog

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    I get the feeling that WP7 is going to be around for a while and that tons of cool stuff is on its way. now I am going to buy my wp7 and then switch to wp7 nokia ;)

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