Pentax Optio RS1500 expands Chameleon camera rangePentax is looking to provide style conscious photographers with the ultimate level of customization on the new Optio RS1500. As the latest entry to the Chameleon camera range, the RS1500 features a new screw-less design that lets you add your favorite image to the camera and clip the protective layer on top to create your own unique look.

To help inspire creativity, Pentax is including ten ready-made unique front skins with the Optio RS1500. Since this camera screams unique, there’s also five blank pre-cut paper foils which you can use to design and create your own skins. It doesn’t stop there, in fact there’s also two lens ring, black and orange, included in the box.

Pentax Optio RS1500 expands Chameleon camera range

Now let’s get into the specs. The RS1500 features a 14-megapixel CCD sensor and advanced Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode to compensate blur due to movement. At the end of the day you’re look at great quality video. Other highlights include burst shooting, auto-tracking AF, digital panorama, green mode, and a frame composite function for composing images with decorative frames on the go.

April 2011 | Pentax | £89.99

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