Leaked images of the next MS Office seem to show Windows 8 interface elements that look a lot like the Windows Phone 7 ‘Metro’ interface. Could this be our first look at the new version of Windows for tablets?

One of the most striking things about Windows Phone 7 is its ultra-clean ‘Metro’ user interface, said to be based around the kind of highly readable signage found in railway stations or airports.

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Some new leaked screenshots of the next version of MS Outlook have popped up online, presumably running on a beta of the next version of the Windows operating system – Windows 8. Windows 8 has a scaleable user interface that should adapt to whatever device it is running on, with 3D eye candy for high-end PCs and simpler controls for things like netbooks and tablets.

With that in mind, could this be our first glimpse of how Windows 8 is going to look running on a tablet PC? The interface is very Windows Phone 7 and the simple clean icons would also seem ideally suited to tablet use.

Microsoft aren’t saying, of course, but this has certainly whet our whistle to see more of the new OS.

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