iPhone 5 confirmed to use A5 dual-core processorDoubts over whether the iPhone 5 will include a dual-core processor can be laid to rest. The juicy details were hidden inside the freshly release iOS 4.3 update today. It has now been confirmed both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 will use the S5L8940 processor, better known as the A5.

Since 2007 Apple has released a new iPhone between June and July. By the end of March the iPad 2, powered by the dual-core A5 processor, will be widely available around the globe. Just like the original iPad, the iPhone released later this year will include that very same chip. With up to 2X faster processing power and up to 9X faster graphics, the iPhone 5 should deliver the same 1080P output as the iPad 2.

If you’re keeping score, the original iPad as well as the iPhone 4 use the A4 chip, model S5L8930. You don’t need to be a betting man to predict the iPhone 6 and iPad 3 will use A6 chip, model S5L8950. Any predictions on how many cores will power the third generation iPad and sixth generation iPhone?

via 9to5Mac

  • Anthony

    iphone 6 to use 1ghz quad core so will the ipod touch 6 gen to compete with the ngp.the ipad 3 2ghz quad core processer to compete with nivida so i was told

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