Microsoft has been talking up Windows Phone 7 and Kinect a lot recently but Zune? Zune has been stuck in the corner relatively unloved. That may be set to change.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley spotted that Microsoft is employing staff for a cloud-based music and video project dubbed Ventura. Job postings describe the Ventura project as a “tight group of music and video lovers that create services and experiences revolving around music/video discovery and consumption”.

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The job listings cited by Foley stretch back to July last year and included vacancies for developers based at Microsoft’s Redmond HQ and its Beijing Office. They required knowledged of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and several include Zune in the job title.

Quite what the Ventura project is exactly focused on isn’t clear but it certainly look like Microsoft is planning an answer to Apple’s long-rumoured iTunes cloud solution and Google’s Android Honeycomb music syncing. With major Windows Phone 7 updates due this year, perhaps we’ll see the results of Ventura too.

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  • Evan

    Microsoft did this once before, with PlaysForSure.

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